Welcome to your resource for affordable and quality Microsoft Excel consulting.

As you are probably aware, Excel is an excellent tool for many different applications and business problems. My custom solutions to meet your exact needs will generally save you considerable time and effort which can be expended elsewhere to add more value to your business. Depending upon the application, even a simple Excel solution could save 10 hours a month - which can quickly translate to $5,000 in annual savings.

Why ExcelProSolutions?

  • I have used Excel for the past 20 years and developed countless spreadsheets and macros in the course of my professional and personal life. Years ago the people I worked with stated “You really should consult and help others with Excel spreadsheets.” So I did and have enjoyed it ever since.
  • I pride myself in exceeding your expectations and ensuring you are satisfied.

Excel Consulting Services

  • Full Excel Application Development
  • Modification / “Fixing” of existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Rewrites of existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Data Manipulation and reformatting
  • Troubleshooting/Quick Help for troublesome spreadsheet issues
  • Excel Macro (via Visual Basic for Applications) development
  • Data Retrieval and Lookup
  • Graphing/Charting


  • I take on projects of all sizes – from the small to the large.
  • If your project is one that is a simple modification or you require some basic help that takes 1-2 hours then these efforts generally cost approx $40 – $80.
    For projects larger than this I will provide you an estimate. My standard billing rate is $40/hr. Whenever possible, I leverage previous efforts and reusable code to reduce time and cost to you.
  • I feel you will find my rates considerably lower than other services. The primary reason is that I am not looking to support myself through this service but rather earn a little income from doing something that I truly enjoy and find rewarding.
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I promise to deliver quality MS Excel solutions which are appropriate to the level of service you desire and require. By this, I mean that I will not over engineer the solution nor will I short cut it. The end deliverable will be one which meets your requirements in a cost effective manner.

Finally, if you are not completely satisfied that the final spreadsheet or macro meets your specified need, you will not be charged - I want satisfied customers. I have many, many satisfied customers who I have built tremendous relationships with over the years. I value each and every one of these and appreciate the friendships and partnerships that we have developed. Please visit the other pages of the site, review the spreadsheet examples, my background and the consultation process. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer and clarify them.


A Few Customer Testimonials See More…

Far exceeded my expectations - takes ownership of a project and comes up with improvements." "Very responsive. I can rely on him absolutely to meet deadlines and provide what I ask for." "One of the greatest assets is Todd's ability to ask questions and understand what I am looking for and then translate that to a programming product." "Delightful to work with, easy to talk to." "I would absolutely do business with him again and recommend him to others." –Alison Earles, Ace Ideas, LLC

"Todd, we were very pleased with you and your work. You were very conscientious, responsive and did quality work. You were easy to communicate with and made yourself available for questions and tweaking of the software as we were testing it. I would highly recommend you and your services." –Bennett Cohen, Rannoch Corporation

Our facility scheduling is very complicated, especially trying to balance 90 different presenters and 6 different facility locations. Todd was able to develop an Excel program in very few hours that instantly showed our space allocation over a year period. This has helped us tremendously.–Brian Spielmann, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Shambhala Mountain Center